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Fayette County Animal Rescue Update on Mary, the Dog who was Tied to a Tree

Fayette County Animal Rescue would like to update you on a dog that we rescued a couple of months ago, and thank everyone who contributed to her care and medical bills. Her name is Mary, and she was found tethered to a tree branch with a cord. The cord was embedded around her entire waist, and her feet were suspended above the ground. Now, 2 months later, her entire wound has healed and she still has a lot of hair left to grow. We want to thank the hunter who found Mary in the woods and called the authorities, Dr. Natalie Daniel and the wonderful staff at Somerville Animal Hospital for their excellent care and compassion, and all our supporters and donors.

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  1. Syrr Williams on March 31, 2023 at 11:04 am

    Great that you folks averted an unnecessary execution of a defenseless animal. What kind of human would do such a thing?

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