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Junior ROTC Cadet Daylon Harris is Recognized for his Accomplishments

Daylon Harris, the son of Miss Yarkena Chearis and Mr. Damon Harris, is a junior at Fayette Ware Comprehensive High School in Somerville, TN. Daylon is enrolled in the Junior ROTC program. He is the highest ranking officer in that program. Daylon Harris’s rank is Captain CSCPO. Daylon has accomplished several awards, which are listed in the May 24th edition of The Falcon. Left to right, Pastor George Hester, Director of Fayette County Schools Dr. Versie Hamlett, Sgt. Barron Hall (ret) of the Fayette County Junior ROTC, Cadet Daylon Harris, David Chearis, and School Board Chairman Capt. Wendell Wainwright (ret.)

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