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New Sign and Historical Marker for Rossville Church

Sunday, January 14th, 2023, was an absolutely incredible day! The new church sign and the historical marker for Rossville Church (previously Rossville United Methodist Church) were dedicated and unveiled! Many, many thanks to: David Doss (Owner of Twisted Dimension) for creating and fabricating the church sign and to he and his wife Donna Doss for gifting the frame; Karen Jackson and Donna Doss for designing the signage; the Centennial Committee under the leadership of Tim and Karen Jackson for making Rev. Barry Henson’s dream of a historical marker (Rossville Church on one side and Crawford House on the other side) come to life; to Jimmie Lacy and crew for the installation of both signs; and last but not least the Trustees, Finance Committee and entire congregation for their unwavering support! As we reach the conclusion of the Centennial Year, the final celebration will take place on March 23, 2024 with the dedication and celebration of the two adjoining properties being gifted to the church. (By Selena Henson)  David and Donna Doss are pictured with the sign. Rev. Barry & Selena Henson and Tim & Karen Jackson are with historical marker.

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