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Relief Provided by Fayette Cares Volunteers and Police Partners

Fayette Cares volunteers and staff displayed remarkable dedication in assisting the most vulnerable members of our community. The week of January 15th brought nearly 7 inches of snow to Fayette County, creating hazardous road conditions and compelling many residents to stay indoors. Undeterred by the icy roads and inclement weather, the St. Philip Catholic Church Knights of Columbus and members of St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church emerged as heroes, distributing food to senior, disabled, and low-income housing complexes precisely when it was needed the most. In anticipation of the frigid temperatures, Fayette Cares staff took proactive measures by providing law enforcement with backpacks full of food and hygiene supplies. This initiative ensured that those in crisis, whom law enforcement encountered, had essential resources to weather the challenging conditions. Pictured are Alexandra Porto of Fayette Cares, Somerville Police Chief Greg Moore, and Somerville Assistant Chief Harlan Kee.

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